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SPF Complaint Mail Servers
Does anyone know if the Merak mail server is SPF complaint and uses SASL
SMTP? I am trying to implement SPF for the domain
and debug some SMTP problems with the Merak mail server (it has closed
relays but is still relaying spam (blank user; no user authentication;
hidden from address but the messages are originating from
when I analyzed several using packet filtering software) with every
anti-spam and security feature turned on). SPF appears to be the perfect
solution because it, at least in theory, would stop all of these.

Alternatively, can anyone suggest an alternative email server that is a)
SPF complaint and uses SASL SMTP, b) will run on a Windows 2003 server,
and c) doesn't require a rocket scientist to properly install.
Preferably one that is free or low cost since I already wasted almost
$500 on Merak.


Richard George

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