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New to SPF

I have been tasked with creating a way to block all spoofed emails from
getting into our employees inbox/Junk email inbox. We have an SPF
record in place (if I did it correctly), but I guess what the question
is, and I will give you an example....let's say works
for our company. He at times receives email from sent
to and those emails are adult oriented in nature. Our
email is hosted by another company, my manager is under the assumption
that because we have an SPF Record in place that all emails like this
should be blocked because they are coming from outside the domain and
that the SPF Record should be blocking the email from being received. I
guess what my question is, Is there no fail safe way to prevent all
spoofed email from coming in, and if there is a way to block this type
of email 100% what am I doing wrong. I should also throw in there....we
have several network devices and servers that send alerts out when
something stops working etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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