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Exim/SPF core dumps On Solaris 10 after latest 10_Recommended patch cluster
We have been running Exim (4.67) with libspf2 (1.2.5) on Solaris 10 for
some time now. We have two identical machines, Sun T2000's. Saturday, we
patched one with the latest 10_Recommended patch cluster from Sun, and now
occasional Exim child processes core dump. If I comment out the SPF
include and checks, everything runs fine. The unpatched machine is still
running fine with SPF still in use. Are there any other Solaris users out
there who might have some insight into this? I'm guessing it was one of
the two "kernel" patches (120011-14 or 127111-01) but it's just a guess.

Dan Mitton

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