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off topic: web site
Hi, something with the OpenSPF wiki "upload" feature does not more work:

| Software error:
| CGI open of tmpfile: Permission denied
| For help, please send mail to the webmaster (,
| giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

If the "webmasters@" list is seriously dead there are some places where
it has to be replaced. And there are other places, where "council@" is
not as it should be, if that address also does not more exist; notably
the "IETF non-WG lists" page.

Unrelated, replacing various 282x by 532x I stumbled over a link to RMX
<>, and noted some remarks in
<>. If you think that this
is still relevant feel free to move this subpage to another place, and
get rid of its personal "my POV" mode. That Hadmut is or was seriously
[meep]ed by the IETF is one thing, and some folks here likely share the
feeling, but whatever happened to him or RMX was IMO not the fault of
OpenSPF or the IETF Chair or some US conspiracy against Germans... :-(


@Murray: The old XML sources for anything remotely related to OpenSPF
are available under <>,
the MARF draft could be added.
@Scott: Found a draft-kitterman-appsawg-rfc4408bis, yes, go for it :-)

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