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Wording of the IP parameter, was SPFv3 proposal: rawfail result
On 04/Feb/11 17:11, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
> If it is not clear in the spec that you SHOULD NOT reject on -all
> when not actually evaluated on an MX for the original RCPT TO domain, then we
> should make that clear.

Yes, please. The spec mentions that checking "can be performed
elsewhere in the mail processing chain", but then it says (twice)

<ip> - the IP address of the SMTP client that is emitting the
mail, either IPv4 or IPv6.

Formally, the client that /is emitting/ the mail is the previous hop,
isn't it? IMHO, that deserves an errata.

Perhaps the correct wording could be based on a formal definition of
border, along the lines of

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