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Please add ENMA and libsidf to "Implementations" page

In August, We IIJ have released ENMA - SPF, Sender ID milter - as an
open source product. The following website is the press release:

and the project page at sourceforge:

ENMA runs as a milter and provides SPF and Sender ID authentication
using libsidf - the library which provides SPF and Sender ID
authentication, we developed. Libsidf is included in ENMA package.
We uses libsidf inside our services and are sure of stability,
performance and compliance to the specifications.

However, we still have some tasks about ENMA and libsidf:
- no websites for now, sourceforge project page only
- little document, README and Installation guides included in ENMA
package only
- comments in source codes are mostly written in Japanese, now under
translating into English

"ENMA" named after the ruler of Buddhism:

I'd like you to add ENMA and libsidf to the "Implementations" page of (

Please use the contact informations below:
Type: C
Author: SUZUKI Takahiko

Please try it out!


SUZUKI Takahiko <>
Development and Operation Section,
Messaging Service Division,
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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