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Forwarding on the MON side
I think I've now grasped forwarding-as-a-delivery, i.e. MRN side. But what
about the originating network?

Consider this scenario: I run an ESP service for company X. They either
use an internal server that uses mine as a smarthost, or submit directly
to my server. A user U wants to use his private address U@Y, rather than
company's U@X, when he writes personal messages. Since there is no other
SMTP host that he can reach, my SMTP host should deliver his message.
However, I have no control whatsoever over domain Y.

I'm not changing the RCPT. Should I change the MAIL FROM, or should I
submit that message through Y's servers? The good solution here is that U
uses Y's submission port and authenticates there, and I can't see why that
shouldn't be possible nowadays. Is forwarding being performed in such kind
of scenario, or anyhow involving 3rd parties on the MON side, at all?

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