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Updated Perl and Python Policy Servers for Postfix
On Sunday 04 February 2007 18:40, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> With help from Julian Mehnle, I've just finished updating the Perl version
> of the SPF policy server for Postfix to use his new Mail:SPF library.
> So in addition to Python, there is now a pure Perl Postfix solution
> available for RFC 4408 compliant SPF checking.
> I have given the is reasonable amount of testing, but I'd appreciate
> feedback (preferably to spf-devel). I'll be submitting this to Ubuntu
> Linux this week once Mail:SPF gets into their repository.
I've updated both the policy servers. Thanks again to Julian for his Perl
help. Also thanks to jam (AKA John A. Martin) for testing help and
implementation ideas.

For the releases, please see:

Scott K

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