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Re: Test suite 2006.11
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Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
> The first release of the test suite has been posted to

I actually added the version number to the test suite file so the release
can be recognized by more than just the Subversion commit number and date.

I think we should use a dot as the version number separator instead of a
dash. I know that a dash is the proper separator for the ISO date format,
but a dot makes it look like a version number, and some packaging tools
may have trouble with version numbers containing dashes. (E.g., Debian
uses dashes for Debian-internal releases, i.e. 2006.11-1, 2006.11-2, etc.)

I also made a tag copy for the 2006.11 release:

... and changed the "Test Suite" page to refer to that instead of an
uploaded file. (Other parts of the website, e.g. the "Implementations"
page, do it the same way, and the work of having to manually upload every
release to the website can be avoided that way.)

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