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SPF News: AOL, Slashdot, and the MIT Spam Conference
A lot has happened with the SPF anti-forgery system since
last month's news update. We will try make announcements
more regularly, perhaps once a week.

*** AOL ***

The biggest news by far is that AOL has published SPF
records and there are indications that some other big email
providers may do likewise. This is helping to move SPF into
the mainstream. AOL's record shows that SPF is flexible
enough that even major emailers can describe their outbound
mailers in a very compact form.

*** Slashdot ***

Thanks to AOL, SPF showed up on again. See:

*** Over 3000 Domains Served ***

Thanks in turn to Slashdot, the SPF registry more than
tripled the number of known SPF adopters from just under
1000 to over 3000 domains and the number is growing every
day. This adoption roll is voluntary and so there are
certainly many more domains that are using SPF than this.
See a chart at:

*** MIT Spam Conference on Friday ***

The MIT Spam Conference is coming up this Friday.

At the conference, Eric Raymond will be giving a
presentation on how SPF helps greylisting and other
anti-spam techniques.

Meng Weng Wong and other members of the SPF community will
also be at the conference. We have prepared a one-page
handout explaining SPF. It is a good read for those who
want to learn about SPF. See: