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calling Mail::SpamAssassin->new() within my perl script
I'm working on a project where I'm trying to use spamassassin to
recognize and tag a set of incoming mail messages. I'm using SA 3.3.1
at the moment with perl 5.10.1 on a Red Hat 6.2 system.

I've written a set of rules which work with my corpus of messages, but
I'm having trouble calling SpamAssassin from within my perl script so
that it behaves in the same manner as when I call it from the command
line. I've placed my special rules in the directory /etc/mail/journals
which is a copy of /etc/mail/spamassassin directory with a copy of in addition. From the command line I use the
following command

spamassassin -C /etc/mail/journals -t -L < message

but it also works with

spamassassin -C /etc/mail/journals
--siteconfigpath=/etc/mail/journals -t -L < message

This method uses my set of rules, but doesn't use the built in rules.
What I want to do is strip SpamAssassin down to its bare minimum for
this task.

My question is what set of arguments should I use in my to call
Mail::SpamAssassin->new() to achieve the same results. I've tried
various combinations of rules_filename and site_rules_filename, but then
my rules never seem to match the appropriate messages. Oddly, it works
every now and then. I'm sure that I'm missing something really obvious.
Any suggestions about the appropriate arguments to use?

my $sa_args = {
local_tests_only => 1,
dont_copy_prefs => 1,
site_rules_filename => '/etc/mail/journals',
userstate_dir => '/var/lib',
userprefs_filename => '/etc/mail/journals/',
user_dir => '/var/spool/MD-Quarantine',

$SAToCTester = Mail::SpamAssassin->new( $sa_args );


Fred Bacon