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[Bug 6780] Existing but empty From: and To:

Mark Martinec <> changed:

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Target Milestone|Undefined |3.4.0

--- Comment #5 from Mark Martinec <> ---
> hmm... MISSING_HEADERS is operating only on To: header

Right, your rules set seems more to the point.

If multiple (although illegal) From/To/Cc header fields are taken
into account, a regexp /m flag should be used:

header __HAS_FROM exists:From
header __HAS_TO exists:To
header __HAS_CC exists:CC
header __EMPTY_FROM From =~ /^\s*$/m
header __EMPTY_TO To =~ /^\s*$/m
header __EMPTY_CC Cc =~ /^\s*$/m

__HAS_TO) || (__EMPTY_CC && __HAS_CC)
describe EMPTY_FROM_OR_TO_OR_CC Contains a header field that is blank and
shouldn't be.

( If we don't care to for multiple instances, a rule like
header __EMPTY_FROM From !~ /\S/
might be faster. )

Btw, a __HAS_FROM rule we already have (along with
Can't hurt to add __HAS_TO and __HAS_CC for completeness,
even if it turns out they won't be used.

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