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[Spamassassin Wiki] Trivial Update of "Rules/INVALID TZ EST" by AndrewDaviel
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The "Rules/INVALID_TZ_EST" page has been changed by AndrewDaviel:

## page was copied from Rules/HASHCASH_25
- ## page was copied from Rules/HASHCASH_24
- ## page was copied from Rules/HASHCASH_23
- ## page was copied from Rules/HASHCASH_22
- ## page was copied from Rules/HASHCASH_21
#language en
- == SpamAssassin Rule: HASHCASH_25 ==
+ == SpamAssassin Rule: INVALID_TZ_EST ==

- ''Standard description:'' Contains valid Hashcash token (25 bits)
+ ''Standard description:'' Invalid date in header (wrong EST timezone)

=== Explanation ===

+ The Date header includes a UTC offset which is not valid for EST (Eastern Standard Time). This suggests the
+ message was generated by badly-written mailout software.
- The sender added a unique unspent Hashcash token to the message, indicating that it is unlikely
- to be bulk email
- See [[HashCash]].

=== Further Info ===