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[Spamassassin Wiki] Update of "Rules/RAZOR2 CHECK" by AndrewDaviel
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The "Rules/RAZOR2_CHECK" page has been changed by AndrewDaviel:

## page was copied from Rules/HTML_MISSING_CTYPE
## page was copied from Rules/HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_02
#language en
- == SpamAssassin Rule: HTML_MISSING_CTYPE ==
+ == SpamAssassin Rule: RAZOR2_CHECK ==

- ''Standard description:'' Message is HTML without HTML Content-Type
+ ''Standard description:'' Listed in Razor2 (

=== Explanation ===

+ [[|Vipul's Razor]] is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network. It uses a fuzzy [[|checksum]] technique to
+ identify message bodies based on signatures submitted by users, or inferred by other techniques such as high-confidence Bayesian or DNSBL entries.
- The message is HTML, but lacks the [[|MIME]]
- Content-Type header required by [[|RFC 2045]].
- This probably indicates a message generated by a badly-written email application, rather than a standard email client.

=== Further Info ===