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Fwd: Announcing RT-REST and RT-Jasper [was: RT and JasperReports Server Integration (got it working, anyone interested?)]
Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for all the hard work.

I have in fact played with Jasper and RT before.

I gave up as the reports I was trying to generate were to do with time worked.

RT seems to have two different places where time is recorded and calculated, and so querying the DB gets complicated.

Does your integration of Jasper with RT make this clearer / easier?

or do you have any example SQL queries for reporting on Time worked in RT?

Thanks so much,


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Hi Albert,

you can generate any kind of reports supported by JasperReports Server. RT-Jasper provides the DataSource necessary to query RT for tickets (the ticket's data can be used in the reports).

Regarding your questions:

1) See the private mail I sent you.
2) No.

If you have further questions just let me know.

Greetings from Cologne


Am 26.04.2012 um 21:28 schrieb Albert Shih:

> Le 22/04/2012 ? 19:11:23+0200, Benjamin Boksa a écrit
> Hi.
>> it's done :-) I have setup two GitHub repositories to host everything you need to run you own RT an JasperReports Server integration:
>> RT-REST is a Java class library to interact with RT: Request Tracker's REST Interface.
>> RT-Jasper:
>> RT-Jasper is a toolkit to integrate RT: Request Tracker as a queryable data source in JasperServer.
>> Feel free to give the components a try and let me know what you think :-) I have chosen to drop full installation instructions in favor of a demo system (see the RT-Jasper page for more information) and I assume you already have a RT installation to play with. To learn how to install JasperReports Server please refer to
>> .
>> To help you with your questions I'll try to be around in #rt on .
>> I am really curious to see what you will say about my work and I hope there will be enough users using it to ensure a constant flow of great ideas and improvements.
>> Enjoy the rest of your weekends :-)
> Big thanks for your works.
> Two questions before I spend lot of time to understand your works :
> 1/ What kind of reports can we have (I never heard of jasper, only
> the city in Canada ...;-) ). I didn't find your demo jasperserver
> ...:-(
> 2/ Is they are anything to modify on the RT server ?
> thanks again.
> Regards.
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