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[rt-announce] RT 1.0.5 released.
This morning, I released RT 1.0.5. It contains a number of fixes and
enhancements, including one fairly major security fix. All users
are urged to upgrade as soon as possible.


* RT setuid wrapper now properly traps bogus environment variables.
On some OSes, LD_PRELOAD was not properly stripped by the OS for setuid

* was backported from RT2. It should ease installation for novice

* Several merge-related bugfixes. (merging merged tickets should now work better.

* CLI and web ui should now properly display merged tickets when queried
with the old ticket ID.

* mail gateway now properly does not reply to messages sent as Precedence: Bulk or Precedence: Junk. This should take care of most folks' looping problems.

Jesse Vincent

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