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RT 4.0.2rc2 released
I'm happy to announce that RT 4.0.2rc2 is now available for testing.

SHA1 sums

8a6393d444812fbc2deb83484d57013848d7f11b rt-4.0.2rc2.tar.gz
295abe41cafe0b808dac4c7df00d31ec75a5549b rt-4.0.2rc2.tar.gz.sig

Since rc1, this release candidate contains largely documentation fixes,
along with one bugfix.

* Correctly lookup global CFs in RT::Action::CreateTickets

* RT's docs/ directory is now installed into /opt/rt4/docs

* Removal of the incomplete --binary flag option for the full-text
search indexer

A complete changelog is available from git by running `git log
rt-4.0.2rc1..rt-4.0.2rc2` on the 4.0.2-releng branch.