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RT 4.0.0rc7 Released
This release contains several weeks of bug fixing and more than 100
commits in the push for 4.0.0. It contains many bugfixes and a
reorganization and general cleanup of the core documentation. Barring
regressions, this should be the last non-documentation update before

A full changelog is available below.

You can download the release from

SHA1 sums

4cdc6fabffc0c0c70bfdc12e16fb81b187e7062a rt-4.0.0rc7.tar.gz
4d9d8ed7efe0916313731ff47d0734f832feb65d rt-4.0.0rc7.tar.gz.sig


* Disable owner autocompletion on anything other than a ticket or queue
* Fix the CF Editing CSS
* Update group/user rights editor to make it more intuitive and guard
against common errors
* Requestors with OwnTicket in one Queue could show up in the Owner list
for another Queue
* Fix caching of user logos
* Move the theme/logo editor into Tools
* Fix a number of CSS niggles
* Fix Tabs on the Query Builder page
* Remove hardcoded statuses that conflict with LifeCycles
* Fix Approvals to coexist with LifeCycles
* Fix handling of multipart mail messages in notifications, instead of
including the original multipart mail as an attachment

* Remove Imager dependency
* Styling updates for RT News feature
* Speed up display of our new menuing system
* Allow blockquotes through our HTML scrubbing to improve folding
* Ensure that you can't have a case insensitive RTAddressRegexp

* Massive reorganization of docs/, README and the upgrading docs by alexmv
* Document how to deploy RT under the root using a sublocation
* Add more web deployment examples for non-apache webservers
* Update all of the documentation in
* Remove all references to 'true' or 'false' in the config, replacing
them with valid examples instead