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RT 3.6.6 now available.
I've just rolled a second rc of RT 3.6.6. It would likely be 3.6.6, but
I'm about to run away to Portugal for a week's holiday and big releases
right before one leaves on vacation are...not always the right call ;)

Do note that this release of RT adds a dependency on CSS::Squish to help
improve display performance. As a reminder, you should always "make
testdeps" before installing a new release of RT.

MD5 Sums:
b626c906e7b33c8d1879c15ed744f7e3 rt-3.6.6.tar.gz
f03cd392cee84905d38de36788391a30 rt-3.6.6.tar.gz.sig

* missing </td> found by Steve Turner
* Sort Templates, Actions and Conditions by Name,
as suggested by Steve Turner
* ACL queries have been split apart into more small queries, which
leads to more effective caching _and_ has better performance
characteristics on MySQL 5.x

* Updated french translation from Emmanuel Lacour
* Massive internationalization fixes
* Full translation of zh_tw and zh_cn from Audrey Tang

* Add more tests on sorting by CF

* new callbacks in Simple Search
* Allow the caller of Googleish searches to choose what
queues go into the query
* Add an optional Clear button to SelectionBox
* Add a NoArrows option to selectionbox,
for when order doesn't matter

Web Interface:
* A change to session handling that should improve stability with
File, Oracle and SQLite session stores.
* CSS and javascript files should be better cached on the client
* CSS files are now concatenated and squished to cut down on the
number of initial HTTP requests.

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