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RT 3.0.0 Released
It gives me great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of
RT 3.0.0. This release represents over a year of work extending and
enhancing RT 2.0 by Best Practical staff and volunteers.

You can download this release at:

This is a significant new release with major new features, including:

* The new web interface is prettier, easier to use and also
more standards compliant.

* RT now includes a flexible "approvals" system that lets you
define site-specific policies to require approval before certain
classes of ticket can be resolved.

* The mail gateway has been rebuilt to use an RPC mechanism to
talk to your RT server, rather than needing to run setgid on
your RT server.
* Groups and access control have been completely reworked.

* Group membership is now recursive, so you can create groups
which contain other groups.

* The installation process has been overhauled. Autoconf
(./configure) make installation easier than ever before.

* Users can now delegate their rights to other users.

* Full "custom field" support has replaced RT 2.0's "keywords".

* Custom fields can now contain arbitrary text, as well as
"Select from list".

* RT now stores all data as Unicode internally, so it's much
easier to work with multiple languages.

* RT's core and web interface has been fully internationalized.
RT now speaks: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese,
Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese,
and Simplified Chinese.

* RT even easier to extend than ever before: The API is much
better documented, the web interface includes a new "Callbacks"
mechanism to let you embed your own components without touching
a line of RT's source code. The core libraries include a new
"Overlay" system to let you override RT's core functionality
at the subroutine level.

* The 'scrips' system is even more powerful. Now administrators
can create custom scrips right from RT's web interface.

* RT 3.0 is much better tested than any previous release of RT.
Each release must pass a suite of over 750 tests before being
released to the public.

* There's a full manual (currently available in draft form at

* And, of course, there's lots more.

A beta-quality tool to import data from an RT 2.0 instance into
fresh RT instance is available at:

More comprehensive versions of this import tool will become available in
the coming weeks.

Jesse Vincent
Best Practical Solutions, LLC

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