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RT 3.8.13 Released
I'm happy to announce that RT 3.8.13 is now available.

SHA1 sums

adc7dab25a6454e47a9386f7d7aa8091b4ef46ca rt-3.8.13.tar.gz
199c36836d777115f7bd49cb27fec4e4410fd5dd rt-3.8.13.tar.gz.sig

This release contains two important bugfixes over the 3.8.12 security

* Fix sending email with the 'perl-script' mod_perl handler, by
ensuring that STDIN was always on FD 0 before calling IPC::Open2.
This failure showed as either SIGPIPE or abnormal exit codes when
running sendmail.

* Fix for "Undefined value assigned to typeglob" and "Bad file
descriptor: core_output_filter" errors caused by the above change, by
ensuring that both FD 0 and FD 1 are prevented from being claimed by
Apache. This error only arose with the perfork MPM and mod_perl <=

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-3.8.12..rt-3.8.13

- Alex