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Question mark (?) in %msg%
Hey all,

I'm using rsyslog to deal with the output from a rather large code-base
right now (log4j's syslog appender). I am forwarding messages to a remote
server and using templates to dynamically generate the filenames on my
server (/log/YYYYMMDD/.....). I have a lot of different components, so
they are all using the same selector, but are differentiated by their

The problem I'm having is that whenever I get a question mark '?'
character in the actual %msg% ( I also tried %rawmsg% ), it does the

*) in the main log file

- TextUpToMark...

*) in the same dir (by hostname )

- a new file that is '....TextAfterMark'

- this file contains the rest of the line

I tried the latest stable release (5.8.10) and it still seems to do this
same thing, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just bad configuration on my

rsyslog.conf excerpt:


:fromhost-ip , !isequal , "" ?DynFile

It's obvious to me that the '?' has significance here, Just wondering if
there is any way around it?


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