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Major modifications to ripMIME
Yes, I know, I'm filling up the mailing list with all these posts.

I've done some major work on the whole mime.c source code and broken it down into various modules.

If anyone feels like testing this latest release, I'd appreciate it. Strictly speaking there should be no output changes.

Sat Feb 01 2003
- PLD: Broke down the mime.c file into some smaller modules:
boundary-stack.[ch] - Handles the boundary string ordering for
the mailpack decoding.

filename-filter.[ch] - Performs basic filename sanity / paranoia

uuencode.[ch] - A bit of a misnomer, this module currently deals
with the detection and decoding of uuencoded data.

- PLD: Merged 3 string handling modules into one. While this seems to go
against the flow against the move to modularise the mime.c file
it is better to have the files XAM_strtok, zstr and strlower all
merged as they are all part of the same family of strings handlers.

Paul L Daniels
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