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RANCiD 3.0
RANCiD 3.0 is available at

This version introduces a few new features that we hope to expand upon in
future releases, the most prominent of which is removal of rancid-fe and
several device-specific script in exchange for device-specific and generic
libraries and a generic script. The generic script, which assumed the
name rancid, loads the relevant library and runs commands as defined by a
configuration file, which means less code duplication, users can more
easily adjust the commands that are run and create their own "device_types"
or filters without altering the base code, and hopefully this means it is
easier for users to upgrade to future versions.

See rancid.types.conf(5). Please, for your benefit and ours, do not alter
the rancid.types.base configuration file; new versions of RANCiD purposely
overwrite this file at installation time.

Not all of the device types have been converted to libraries yet, just
the prominent ones or those prominent to us: Cisco, Juniper, Compass,
Arbor, MRV. We also still have suggestions from users about this new
process to consider and/or implement.

3.0 also includes a new version of par(1) implemented in C. It fixes a
few bugs in the perl version and hopefully does not introduce any new ones.

NOTE WELL: The router.db field separator has been changed to ';' from ':'
to avoid conflict with IPv6 addresses and etc.

Otherwise, see the CHANGES and UPGRADING files for specifics.

3.0 alpha versions have been tested by us and a few users, which is limited.
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