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rancid 2.1 release
rancid 2.1 can now be downloaded from
( below are the CHANGES since 2.0. the
looking glass still needs a bit more work, but we decided to defer this
until the next release.

Change default umask to 027 (it was 007) mainly as an
attempt to stop people from changing stuff in rancid's CVS
store. Only rancid should be updating its CVS store.

control_rancid cvs updates router.db before starting a
group's collection.

configure now has a --enable-mail-plus option to have rancid
send mail to rancid+$GROUP instead of to rancd-$GROUP.
Patch from davidw at

configure should figure out diff options on it's own.

try to get default user from env() and catch exec on id in *login

make clean/distclean was missing some files

make sure do-diffs cleans up after itself if it exits prematurely

ignore case when cvs delete'g removed routers

francid/rrancid (foundry/redback) now strip snmp communities like
the others, via NOCOMMSTR var in bin/env.

add man pages

collect 'sh vlan' on cat 6000 - afort at

Add 'show vtp status' for the 3500XLs as well.

Escape regex meta-chars found in device prompts in *rancid

Add "include" directive to include other pwd files via .cloginrc

Add "show port ifindex" for the cat5s.

Try to detect flash being busy on a cat5.

Tag each config file with its 'type'. E.g.:

fix from afort at to lg.cgi to allow prefix-list
with numerals.

fix lg form's formatting (on some browsers/conditions). Thanks to
rrashid at for the html help.

add looking glass utility based on Ed Kern's original source. Thanks
to Ed for permission to include it with rancid. this is only partially

fixed expect foo in *login when .cloginrc is unreadable.

Don't sort 'ip name-server' - order matters.