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RANCiD 3.9
RANCiD 3.9 is available at

Notable additions to 3.9 are Arrcus (WiP) thanks to Arrcus themselves,
F5 / BigIP v13 updates, -i option added to login scripts, and more
filtering for IOS file systems to reduce noise.

Change log contents for 3.9: add show module switch for 6500 vss data - Per-Olof Olsson add tacacs key filter fix prompt handling - WIP

noklogin: exit if pager disable command is not permitted

xilogin: handle pager disable for arcos add ShowSystemConfDB() ignore Error: Bad command. error msg form older sros devices filter mgig temperature - Erik Muller

anlogin: make the pty allocation the same as in jlogin powerconnect N[234]000 do not reliably echo the <CR> after
exit - Wayne Eisenberg

clogin: new variation of username prompt - Wayne Eisenberg

wlogin: fix prompt match in run_commands() which was failing for longer
hostnames/prompts - Erik Muller

bigip: add "cd /" command for v13 to collect all routes - Wouter de Jong recognize older SAN nexus devices - Wouter de Jong

a10login: handle logout prompt variation for older ACOS - Wouter de Jong handle show chassis firmware bug for 11.x on EX - Wouter de
Jong ignore show chassis inventory on invalid syntax remove duplication of chassis type - Greg Hankins restore chassis type line - Greg Hankins add show chassis inventory - Erik Muller filter bcm_mem_lock_trace.log since ~7.0.3 - Erik Muller

hlogin: send \r rather than <sp> for "Press any key to continue" to
work-around apparant bug - Benoit Dolez

panlogin: move scripting mode and pager disabling from command list to
panlogin to work-around complete-on-space {mis-}feature added around
8.1.4 - Erik Muller restore chassis type from bootlog.txt

clogin: fix problem with catos prompt take chassis s/n from bootlog.txt

*login: adjust the command separated used within; tcl <8.6 does not
recognize u002 and u0002 as the same value, which caused a regex
compilation failure

clogin: ArubaOS >~8.3 has a '*' which must be escaped in prompt
matching -PJ Goodwin

*login: backout send-human change in previous commit, where it wasnt
before. W/O an appropriate adjustment of the send-human variables,
it was killing performance.

*login: address bug in escaping empty commands of -[cx] use file type debug command only for total memory and card type

panlogin: copy/customize last/failed login match from clogin

fnlogin: accept new banner prompt at login - Ni Ne the device may not echo the \r\n at logout

fss2: filter sys-uptime

anlogin, jlogin, noklogin: use spawnopts spawning ssh/telnet GC unused variables

fortigate: rename fortigate device type to fortigate-full and re-create
the fortigate type with 'show' (not 'full-configuration')

anlogin: use login_top take chassis type and s/n from show chassis instead of boot.log

noklogin: remove ^H handling; its consuming too much increase anlogin timeout for slow cli commands

noklogin: allocate a pty if not on a tty & set term width

iosxr: DirSlotN(): drop fileno from oscillating files to ignore the
rotation by renaming behavior seen with ce_switch.log and sort all
files by filename

iosxr: also ignore ce_switch.log*

*login: add -i option initial arcos support - WIP

anlogin: copy last/failed login match from clogin also ignore accounting_log.0 - Pavel Korovin

srancid: prevent ShowSys() power supply handling from consuming too much

fortigate: filter INDUSTRIAL-DB version - Chris Wopat filter out oscillating data from transceivers - Pavel Korovin

fortigate: wrap other DB signatures within FILTER_OSC

hlogin: allow prompts with ()s, still not a good idea imo

fxlogin: missing escape in regex - Erik Muller add cmds license file list, blade show, & alarm show GC unnecessary output spacers & fix comment character -
Nick Nauwelaerts

fnlogin: fix logout sequence in run_commands() & used -h option of send

fnrancid, convert fortigate to module filter power support wattage, new in waveserveros 1.6 in ShowEnvTemp() sub-input loop, catch prompt - Scott McInness

jlogin: skip login tips that look like prompts, like:
JUNOS tip:
Use the configuration statement [system login class <name> login-tip]

rancid.conf.sample: note ALL option FILTER_OSC

fnrancid: filter db version stamps wrapped in FILTER_OSC - Chris Wopat

ulogin: parse (ignore) last (failed) login message at login time

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