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Troubles with OSPF6D over OpenVPN?

May somebody help? It seems my quagga doesn't injects Area 16
routes into bacbone Area 0 via ABR.

Mix of several Cisco Routers and Quagga in Area 16 are connected via
OpenVPN to ABR (another Quagga).
ABR is connected to intra-area-0 Quagga Router ("Top Of The World" in
OpenVPN hierarchy) via the
same version of OpenVPN. All Quaggas are installed on Ubuntu 16.04,
OpenVPNs use TAP to avoid
problems with Point-To-Multipoint. ABR sees Area routes and see all Area
16 topology. But it
doesn't sendsummaries to "TOW" Quagga totally located in Area 0. The
last one doesn't see any of
the routes from Area 16.

What could be a reason? Quagga Version? Of some "defects" of OpenVPN? I
can't understand.
And, of course, the basic IPv6 connectivity is present between all the

[Area0 Srvgate --- Area0]Srvgate.Msk[Area16 --- Srvgate.EYatsko.Msk -
Cisco 3750 - Cisco 2821 Area16]
"---" - OpenVPN
"-" - Ethernet links

Help!!! :-)

Kind regards,

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