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RIP in quagga 99.* versions
Somewhere after version 98.6 of quagga RIP announcing dynamic links is
broken. We use OpenVZ and my understanding is that the virtual IPs are
added into the routing table as point-to-point links. We've been doing
this for many years successfully, but in versions after 98.6 rip
increments the route metric by one until it is a black hole route. It
would seem to me that someone involved in the development would have an
idea what the problem is, but I've posted this issue a couple of times
and gotten no replies (other than, why don't you use OSPF).

Can someone please offer suggestions on how to fix this issue? 98.6 is
getting difficult to support and we do need this functionality. Again,
RIP announcing kernel PTP links announces the routes correctly, but then
continually incremements the route metric by 1 until it is announcing a
black-hole route. It seems to me that RIP is not recognizing the routes
as local.


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