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Changing router-id after startup

I am a student working on some extensions for ospfv3 autoconfig and I need
to be able to change the router-id at any moment in case of duplicate
router-id's on the network

I can detect when there are duplicates on the network and decide which
router changes but I can't make the change correctly.

What I do is change the router-id fields in the ospf6 structure:

generate new router id
ospf6->router_id_static = new_router_id;
ospf6->router_id = new_router_id;

And this seems to work because the other routers correctly update their spf
tree but something goes wrong in the routes in the changing router.

So what should be done after this to ensure that everything else takes the
change into account? something in zebra daemon?

I suppose some things should be purged and rebuilt but I can't seem to find
what, I tried some things like:

ospf6_lsdb_remove_all (o->lsdb);


ospf6_spf_init ();

But nothing seems to work.

And also when I try to change through the console:

lubuntu1OSPF6(config-ospf6)# router-id

Has no effet at all beside changing ospf6->router_id_static only. By the
way, what is the difference between router_id and router_id_static?

David Dyja