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[Bug 465] New: zebra does not see changes to netgraph interfaces on FreeBSD
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Summary: zebra does not see changes to netgraph interfaces on
Product: Quagga
Version: 0.99.10
Platform: PC
OS/Version: FreeBSD
Severity: major
Priority: High
Component: zebra

After being started, zebra no more sees changes to virtual interfaces, at least
netgraph ones.
When started, the zebra daemon sees correctly ng interfaces, whether they are up
or down, and correctly generates routes to the other side IP's and redistributes
them to other quagga daemons.
The problem is, any changes which occur after zebra has been started, do not
appear correctly. If an ng interface, which has been up during zebra startup,
goes down, the route is correctly removed and the interface is correctly shown
as down. If it is reconnected again, or a new ng interface is set up and
connected, zebra never sees them as up (until restarted again). The thing is, it
sees their settings - IPs, options, etc, but continues to show them as "down".
When checking with ifconfig, the interfaces are UP.
In search of a solution, I have installed the original zebra package. It works
perfectly fine with netgraph interfaces and does not show the behaviour of quagga.

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