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[Bug 455] New: AS-external-LSA does not get updated immediately.
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Summary: AS-external-LSA does not get updated immediately.
Product: Quagga
Version: CVS
Platform: All
OS/Version: All
Severity: normal
Priority: Medium
Component: ospfd

I have the following situation:
GW --10/8-- ASBR ---- R
The GW ip address is R stands for the rest of the OSPF network.
GW is outside the OSPF domain.

On the ASBR issue the following commands:
linux> route add default gw #add a default route to the gateway.
ospfd> default-information originate originate metric 123 metric-type 2 #let
OSPF advertise the default route.
ospfd> network area #enable this network for OSPF.
(additional commands are needed to have OSPF enabled between ASBR and R, but
they are not relevant for the problem).

Two ASBR LSAs are relevant to this case: A router-LSA for and an
AS-external-LSA with Forward Address set to

So far so good. The problem occurs when the following command is given on ASBR:
ospfd> no network area #disable this network for OSPF.

The ASBR should do two things now:
1) Cancel the advertisement of the network (flush the router LSA).
2) Update the Forward Address in the AS-external-LSA: ->

It does the first but it does the second only when the AS-external-LSA age
reaches 1800 seconds (can be some earlier or later as well). This means that the
gateway is not reachable from R for quite some time.

The same faulty behaviour occurs when going from 'no network area' to 'network area' but in that case, reachability is
not at stake.

A work around is to re-issue the default-information command.

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