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qmail...rpm suggestion and problems
First of all this qmail is nice and seems to better then sendmail,
so I write the following to be better. It's mainly Linux specific,
but I hope it contain useful idea for other OS too.
I install qmail-0.96-1.i386.rpm to RedHat Linux 4.1 2.0.28.
BUT many think have to make by hand and ...
- the 'preinstall script' is nice, but don't think about shadow
password when add qmail[dqrslp] users. One of the biggest power
of qmail is security why do you think no one use shadow ?
- the package contain qmail-popup and qmail-pop3d but not install
pop daemon, since the package not contain checkpassword. Why ?
The old pop3 no longer work so it would be better to 'delete'
from /etc/inetd.conf and probably install/insert the new
qmail-pop3d, so I think checkpassword HAVE TO be part of the
package OR qmail-popup and qmail-pop3d NOT have to be in (since
it can't work without it).
btw. I can compile checkpassword WITHOUT modify the makefile to
use shadow and it's working, probably because of PAM ???
- It would be nice to check the system use Mailbox, Maildir or "old"
/var/(spool/)mail/ type, since in the last case it have to convert
and it's not so easy by hand on servers with many users, ok. it's
just a small script but the packege would HAVE TO contain it
since preveious system (and most system use sendmail) NOT use
Mailbox or Maildir format.
- the packege contain qail, elq and pinq wrappers to mail, elm and
pine but I (and many other sysadm) can't teach EVERY users (mainly
non programers) to use pinq instead of pine ! So I make link from
/usr/local/bin/pine -> pinq etc... (it would be nice if the
postinstall script make it too) but it would be better to use
the fullname (with path) of pine... in this wrappers to avoid
recursion and a sort README would be nice to how can someone make
other wrappers (ok. it's easy but..) since you know there is no
mailer which use Maildir :-( and anyway many user will use old
mailer too.
- after reading docs and manuals I dicided to change Maildir, but
those who use wrappers can't use pop3 since pop search mail in
Maildir but wrappers move mails to Mailbox, so wrappers can be
better if convert from Maildir to Mailbox run the program
(eg. pine) and then convert back from Mailbox to Maildir, but I
can't find any 'back-converter' is there any ?. May be you can
tell back-conversion is not safe but Mailbox is safe :-)?
and back-converter would be nice when install first qmail, since
you may have to convert form mailbox to Maildir. (Why someone
wanna use pop3 and wrappers too ? may be store mail at home by pop
and want to read at work with wrappers or vica.)
- as in my preveious mail forward is not working well at least
with Maildir. I try both "|forward address" and "&address" in
.qmail but in both case letters STILL remain in Maildir too.
It's a bug ? Because I'm think it's not the normal way.
Or don't use this highly prefered Maildir ???

Send any comments to my private email too, thanks.

-- Levente

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