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Tanja Lange & DJB @35c3: Review on PQC implementations

at the 'witching hour' on Friday, 28th, Tanja and DJB gave on overview on recent developments of 'Post Quantum Cryptography' on the 'hackers' congress 35c3 in Leipzip/Germany.

Please remember: PQC is not linked to Quantum Cryptography, à la Shor and BB84. Rather, it is the attempt to make cryptography resilient against Quantum Computer's capabilities breaking the key exchange and cryptographic signatures.

I also recommend to watch Hanno Böck's talk about TLS 1.3:

For the German-reading community: I'm close to publish the 4th edition of my book 'Technik der IP-Netze' which gives some insight into cryptography and TLS 1.3 as well.

On my own agenda for 2019 I've written down

+ s/qmail 3.3 -> 3.4 (with fehQlibs + SRS) -> aQmail
+ attempts to define a libsign library (in particular useful for DKIM)
+ making TinyDNS CurveDNS aware

I hope to find enough time alongside with my lecturing.

Have a Happy New Year!


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