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[ANNOUNCEMENT] eQmail-1.11-beta1 released

as you may be aware or not, Erwin Hoffmann and me decided to do a common
project called aQmail. Now, in fact, the future is open and there is no
initial release in sight. Thus I decided to move on and work on a new
release of eQmail.

Now, a new release is available:

The most changes are internal together with my qlibs, which I published
the first time with the last release eQmail-1.10. The qlibs are intended
to be consolidated, simple, consistent and easy to use. This has
influences to the eQmail sources in the same manner too. It is still an
ongoing process.

Beside this the main changes in eQmail-1.11 are:
- folder names in the 'qmail home dir' changed: control -> etc, new
folders tmp and var, the folders alias, users __AND__ queue __ moved
into var
- a number of conf-* files are consolidated into one conf-build
- internal: replaced older libs by newer and upgraded ones, e.g.
substdio -> buffer

Additional the user friendliness is improved (a bit) too - I hope. As a
reminder: since version 1.10 eQmail includes qmail-tcpsrv, which is a
fork of tcpserver. Thus ucspi-tcp doesn't have to be installed to use

Anyway, an update of an existing eQmail installation will be smoothly -
hopefully ;-). Usually symlinks can be used to adapt the new folder
structure. Unfortunately the documentation lacks and a lot of work have
to be done here.


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