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Announcing qmail-autoresponder version 2.0
Version 2.0 of qmail-autoresponder is now available at:
Changes in version 2.0

- Added support for putting the original sender (%s) and recipient (%r)
in the response message.

- Added support for single file config mode, including the response.

- Changed the filenames of response record files so they sort by time in
a directory listing. This may cause extra responses after upgrading.

- Fixed handling of MySQL default timestamp value.
Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail
Bruce Guenter <>
Version 2.0

This is a simple program to automatically respond to emails.

It is based on some ideas (but little or no code) from a similar
autoresponder by Eric Huss <>, and ideas presented
in the qmail mailing list.

- Limits rate of automatic responses (defaults to a maximum of one
message every hour).
- Will not respond to nearly every type of mailing list or bulk email.
- Will not respond to bounce messages or MAILER-DAEMON.
- Bounces looping messages.
- Can insert the original subject into the response.
- Can copy original message into response.
- Can use links in the rate-limiting data directory to limit inode usage
to a single inode.
- Can limit responses to a certain date/time range.

Bruce Guenter <>