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[Annonce] s/qmail 3.3
Hi together,

I've released version 3.3. of my s/qmail package (

It includes:

- SMTPUTF8 support (opt-out for qmail-remote is possible)
- A new module qmail-vmailuser for recipient verification against Vpopmail and Vmailmgr
- Seamless support of Dovecot's Authentication for qmail-smtpd
- Andre Oppermann's EXTTDO

among the very many other features already present in the previous versions.

For those, who are just interested in the features, read the documentation available and the HTML'ed man pages.
The code is visible and can be looked at in the Doxygen format (


Dr. Erwin Hoffmann | FEHCom | | PGP Key-Id: EE00CF65