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announce: rejectutils patch
The rejectutils patch adds several standalone programs for selectively
rejecting messages:

# qmail-queue(8) wrappers

- qmail-qfilter-smtpd-queue runs the sequence of programs in
control/smtpfilters via qmail-qfilter.
- qmail-qfilter-ofmipd-queue runs the sequence of programs in
control/ofmipfilters via qmail-qfilter.

# qmail-qfilter(1) filters

- qmail-qfilter-viruscan is a repackaging of Russ Nelson’s viruscan

# RCPTCHECK wrapper

- qmail-rcptcheck runs the sequence of programs in control/rcptchecks,
rejecting if any of them reject.

# RCPTCHECK checkers

- qmail-rcptcheck-realrcptto is a repackaging of Paul Jarc’s
realrcptto patch.
- qmail-rcptcheck-badrcptto is a repackaging of Ward Vandewege’s
badrcptto patch.
- qmail-rcptcheck-qregex is a repackaging of most of Andrew St. Jean’s
qregex patch.

If you’re looking to SMTP-reject messages according to multiple
criteria, and/or are dealing with qmail-smtpd(8) patch conflicts, this
patch may be useful to you.