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eQmail-20170405 - new snapshot available

A new snapshot is available at


This snapshot is a preview of the upcoming release eQmail-1.10. Some

- integration of tcpserver (called qmail-tcpsrv)
- build/install system is now './configure - make - make install'
- internal code refactoring and massive clean-up (e.g. qmail-pop*
removed), put "try*"'s into configure
- some simple rewrites: qmail-showctl -> qmail-shcfg, new: qmail-fixq
- extended qmail-qstat (with some features of qmHandle)

See file CHANGELOG.git for details too. Please test and let me know if
something goes wrong.

As Erwin Hoffmann pointed out already, we are on the way to bundle our
work. I expect eQmail-1.10 will be the latest release along this way.

Thanks for downloading and using eQmail.


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