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netqmail-1.06-channels.patch - domain control
I've found this patch while searching for something that would help to
control outgoing messages on a per domain basis. Mainly I need it for
recipients with domains of yahoo and hotmail etc., the top major
account providers.

the patch is found here:

I've loaded the patch and it appears to work. It creates multiple
instances of the qmail-rspawn based on a a few simple control files.
The question I have is regarding the concurrency limit. The
documentation describes concurrency briefly, but what I don't know is
how it applies to qmail-rspawn. If I run multiple instances of
qmail-rspawn, is the concurrency limit applied to "each" instance, or is
it accumulative? In other words, I have my qmail server set up with the
standard build netqmail-1.06, with the patch above, and have a default
concurrency limit set to 250. The patch provides config files to
isolate domains, so I set up 5 config "channels", each one limits the
amount of traffic to 100 connections (a sudo concurrency limit of 100)
and spinning off 5 instance of qmail-rspawn. So if the default
concurrency limit is set to 250, and I have 5 instances of qmail-rspawn
each that can handle 100 connection each, will the concurrency limit
become breached and crash qmail? Or is "each" instance of qmail-rspawn
limited to 250?