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Greylisting, BATV and a batv tester for netqmail-1.06
Recently I announced a greylisting daemon for netqmail.

I have uploaded version 1.1 which can be downloaded from

The major change is storing the ip address as a number in a linked
list instead of a char string in dot notation. Comparing number
instead of string inside a loop has given significant speed
improvement to qmail-greyd. For the next version I am planning to use
a skiplist or some kind of index to make searching of an IP address in
a linked list fast. I find this difficult as I am not good at
algorithms. Any help here is welcome to move out of sequential search
for IP in the function search_record()

I have also taken the patch by John Levine at to
Bounce Address Tag Validation for netqmail -

BATV replaces an envelope sender like with, where prvs, called "Simple Private
Signature", is just one of the possible tagging schemes; actually, the
only one fully specified in the draft.

A tester 'batv' has been included in the patch.

e.g. usage

% /var/qmail/bin/batv -k 1234567890 -s


% /var/qmail/bin/batv -k 1234567890 -v

greylisting and batv will be part of IndiMail 1.6 slated for release
in Sep 2nd Week.
Regards Manvendra -