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Announce: greydaemon, a new greylisting package for netqmail
Dear All,

Having looked at various implementations of greylisting for qmail and
other MTAs as well as John Levine's not publicly released one, I found
the latter to be my favourite - and asked him if I could package it up
and release it. He agreed, so here it is. It's called greydaemon.

It differs from other implementations in various ways including using
an in-memory database rather than constantly maintaining a database on
disk - instead writing the database to disk (typically) every 10
minutes as a flat file so it can read this back in on restarting. This
gives a lightweight system - with no dependency on any database
packages or directory structures.

Having greydaemon separate from qmail-smtpd provides some
security separation and allows it to run continuously, answering
queries from qmail-smtpd instances; the package includes the 'glue'
needed in qmail-smtpd to call the greydaemon program itself.

greydaemon is written in Perl and should play nicely with other MTAs
if corresponding 'glue' is added for it. greydaemon runs as an un-
privileged user except at startup.

Find it here:

I'd appreciate your feedback.


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