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Problems to list *all* mountedwindows partitions
I do have a script which shows me the mounted partitions:

c = wmi.WMI ('localhost')
for disk in c.Win32_DiskPartition (DriveType=3):
diskspace = int(disk.FreeSpace)/1000000
if diskspace < mfspace:
trigger = True
ldisks.append(disk.Name +'\\
'+str('{0:,}'.format(diskspace).replace(",", "."))+' MByte\t
'+str('{0:,}'.format(diskspace).replace(",", "."))+' MByte\t *OK*')

Unfortunetly it only shows partitions mounted to a character (e.g. c:

There is another physical partition mounted in d:\www1 which isn't
shown. Any idea how to add those partitions as well?