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devguide: Issue 7997: Explain how to regenerate configure using Autoconf.
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user: Ross Lagerwall <>
date: Sun Mar 11 19:22:40 2012 +0200
Issue 7997: Explain how to regenerate configure using Autoconf.

Based on info written by David Malcolm.

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diff --git a/committing.rst b/committing.rst
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* Has the test suite been updated?
* Has ``Misc/NEWS`` been updated?
* Has ``Misc/ACKS`` been updated?
+* Has ``configure`` been regenerated, if necessary?
+* Has ```` been regenerated, if necessary?
* Has the test suite been run?

Note that the automated patch check can't actually *answer* all of these
diff --git a/patch.rst b/patch.rst
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Also, please make sure your patch is whitespace normalized. ``patchcheck``
will check this for you.

+If a change is made to Python which relies on some POSIX system-specific
+functionality (such as using a new system call), it is necessary to update the
+``configure`` script to test for availability of the functionality.
+Python's ``configure`` script is generated from ```` using Autoconf.
+Instead of editing ``configure``, edit ```` and then run
+``autoreconf`` to regenerate ``configure`` and a number of other files (such as
+When submitting a patch with changes made to ````, it is preferred
+to leave out the generated files as differences between Autoconf versions
+frequently results in many spurious changes cluttering the patch. Instead,
+remind any potential reviewers on the tracker to run ``autoreconf``.
+Note that running ``autoreconf`` is not the same as running ``autoconf``. For
+example, ``autoconf`` by itself will not regenerate ````.
+``autoreconf`` runs ``autoconf`` and a number of other tools repeatedly as is
+Python's ```` script typically requires a specific version of
+Autoconf. At the moment, this reads: ``version_required(2.65)``
+If the system copy of Autoconf does not match this version, you will need to
+install your own copy of Autoconf:
+1. Go to and download the version of Autoconf
+ matching the one in ````::
+ wget
+2. Unpack the tarball::
+ tar -jxf autoconf-2.65.tar.bz2
+3. Build the specified version of Autoconf and install it to a writable location
+ (e.g. within your home directory)::
+ pushd autoconf-2.65.tar.bz2
+ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/autoconf-2.65
+ make
+ make install
+ This installs a copy of the appropriate version of Autoconf into
+ ~/autoconf-2.65.
+4. Go back to the Python source and rerun ``autoreconf``, pointing ``PATH`` at
+ the newly installed copy of Autoconf::
+ popd
+ PATH=~/autoconf-2.65/bin:$PATH autoreconf
+5. Autoconf should now have updated your local copy of ``configure`` to reflect
+ your changes.


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