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tiffany 0.6 released
Tiffany - Read/Write Multipage-Tiff with PIL without PIL

Tiffany stands for any tiff. The tiny module solves a large set of
problems, has no dependencies and just works wherever Python works.
Tiffany was developed in the course of the *DiDoCa* project and will
always appear on PyPi.

Version 0.6

This is a compatibility update for Python 3.2.

Tiffany now works on Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2.

This version also reduces the needed PIL files to only four. The
same files work for python2 and python3.

You can help me by sending some tiff files with different encoding
and larger file size for testing.

I'm also thinking of

- an interface to Qt (without adding a dependency)

- a command line interface, to make tiffany into a new tiff tool,

- support for other toolkits that need to handle tiff files.

Ideas about this are most welcome.

Please let me know if this stuff works for you, and send requests to
<> or use the links in the bitbucket website:

cheers -- Chris

Christian Tismer :^)<>
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