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Advanced Python Courses in Leipzig and Florence
Advanced Python Courses in Leipzig and Florence

We offer our Advanced Python course [1] next month in Leipzig.
In addition, there will a one-day version on Saturday, July 7
in Florence [2]. This is just one day after the EuroPython talks.
The course will take place right at the conference venue.

Advanced Python

You would like to learn more about metaclasses, decorators, descriptors,
context managers, comprehensions, patterns and good Python programming
practices? This courses teaches all this with plenty of hands-on
examples that makes these, admittedly somewhat involved topics, accessibly
to everybody with intermediate Python experience.

Date: 08.06.-10.06.2012
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Trainer: Mike Müller
Course Language: English


If you have any questions about the courses, please feel free to ask



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