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ANN: mock 0.8 final released
After more than six months development work mock 0.8 has been
released. 0.8 is a big release with many new features, general
improvements and bugfixes.

You can download mock 0.8.0 final from the PyPI page or install it

pip install -U mock

mock is a library for testing in Python. It allows you to replace
parts of your system under test with mock objects.

The only changes in mock 0.8.0 final since 0.8rc2 are:

* Improved repr of `sentinel` objects
* `ANY` can be used for comparisons against call objects
* The return value of `MagicMock.__iter__` can be set to any iterable
and isn't required to be an iterator

A longer version of this announcement, including the full changelog
since mock 0.7 and a couple of short examples of the most important
changes, can be found on my blog:

Michael Foord

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