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ANN: Speedometer 2.4 - bandwidth and download monitor
Announcing Speedometer 2.8

Speedometer home page:


New in this release:

- Added a linear scale option: -l. Best used in combination with
-m (and possibly -n) to customize the range to be displayed.
Thanks to for sponsoring this feature.

- Replace silly "curved" reading with a weighted moving average

- New option to display all values in bits per second: -s

- New options to set minimum (-n) and maximum (-m) values
displayed on the graphs in bytes/s.
Defaults are -n 32 and -m 2**32

- Accept shortened versions of -rx and -tx: -r and -t
My intent is to drop use of the original forms in 3.0 and add
--long-versions of all options

- Use IEC notation of sizes MiB, GiB etc.

- Install script as both and speedometer

About Speedometer

Speedometer is a console bandwidth and file download progress monitor
with a linear/logarithmic bandwidth display and a simple command-line

Speedometer requires Urwid for full-console bar graph display. Urwid
may be downloaded from:

Speedometer is released under the GNU LGPL.


Support the Python Software Foundation: