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Programme final JPF001 (Journee Python France)
Vous trouverez le programme final de
la Journee Python France du 28 Mai 1999 a...

All European are welcomed at JPF001, please have
a look at the final programme (URL above).

Marcvs [.alias Bien entendu, sont bienvenus les US citizens,
and people coming from Africa, Asia,
Australia (Hi Australian Pythoners!), Canada,
India, ...]

Marc POINOT Alias: marcvs Email:
29, Div. Leclerc Fax: Site:
92322 Chatillon FRANCE Project: elsA Web:

<P><A HREF="">JPF001</A> -
final programme for the First French Python Day (Journee Python France)
on May 28, 1999. (21-Apr-99)

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