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Coverity: some remaining issues to glare at
There are now about 200 remaining issues (about 125 fixed and 30 dismissed).

About 100 of the remaining ones would be gone with my suggested
optimization of dropping dead PUTBACK+return.

Of the remaining about 100 about 60 I intend to deal myself, foolish me.

But here's about 40 for anyone interested to look at. Since there's no
point in everybody signing up for Coverity logins, I exported the
remaining issues as CSV and (first removed the 160 mentioned above and)
then cut-and-pasted the exact Coverity warning interspersed with the
code. Some line number fuzz is possible since I analyzed a snapshot
which was blead plus all the patches I've sent out, all of which have
not yet been applied.

The format of the attached file should be rather obvious (it's manually
constructed, so don't expect machine-readability). It's no more CSV
because of the code pastes.