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DAVEM TPF bug-grant report #112
Spent the week intermittently continuing to work on the code-calling
aspect of (?{}). I'm currently trying to shoehorn MULTICALL into the fray,
but I'm not sure this will pan out, due the issue of multiple
/(?{...})...(?{...})/ not being permitted to free the save stack between
calls to code blocks.

Report for period 2012/04/23 to 2012/04/29 inclusive


Effort (HH::MM):

0:00 diagnosing bugs
8:20 fixing bugs
0:00 reviewing other people's bug fixes
0:00 reviewing ticket histories
0:00 review the ticket queue (triage)
8:20 TOTAL

Numbers of tickets closed:

0 tickets closed that have been worked on
0 tickets closed related to bugs that have been fixed
0 tickets closed that were reviewed but not worked on (triage)


[perl #34161] METABUG - (?{...}) and (??{...}) regexp issues

2012/04/24 1:00 fix

2012/04/25 1:15 fix

2012/04/27 3:55 fix

2012/04/28 1:00 fix

2012/04/29 1:10 fix

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